Widely praised website, Roxy Palace, has a special event currently active that could be argued as being one of the biggest iGaming battles of the community. In a world of online gaming, we all have our preferences as to which activities are the best – some argue, Poker, while others prefer the spin of the slot machines reels, but what of Blackjack and Roulette? If you’ve been wondering which of these activities would take the crown if players of each game went head to head, you need not wonder any more, as Roxy Palace has a £20,000 Clash of the Tables promo ready to answer your question.

Even though there’s no prizes for one activity doing better than the other, there are prizes for those of you who have a real flare for either (or both) of these games. All you need to do is make sure that you get involved with this promotional event before it ends, as Roxy Palace has ramped up the pressure by making this a short lived event. This may seem unfair of the brand to do so, but when there’s so much money on the line, can you blame this casino for making the stakes high?

Clash of the Titans

This Clash of the Tables event started on Wednesday May 30th, which means that customers now learning of this deal are coming late to the party. Even though this is the case, your fashionable lateness need not keep you from winning a portion of the £10,000 prize pools that both leaderboards offer. After all, someone could have opted in on the first day, yet not have the funds to keep on making the deposits, while someone can come in late, drop loads of cash, and make their way up the leaderboards.

A £10 deposit is all that needs to wagered on any of the Blackjack and Roulette titles of the page, both Live dealers and otherwise, provided you do so within the timeframe set. By doing this, for every £10 bet, a single point will be added to your total, with these points determining how much cash you’ll receive as part of your payout. For those desperate to win part of that prize pool, you’ll need to make it into the top 200 players before being rewarded with a £5 payout. Therefore, it’s wise to aim right for the top of the boards, where rewards can be as high as £1,500 for first place.

Due to the enormity of the bet, and to make this battle as fair as possible, only one account holder per house can take part. Moreover, any monetary prizes won will only be credited in GBP, with all demo playing gamers exempt from this deal due to the nature of the games, state of play, etc. Should you be lucky enough to be a winner, no matter the size of the kitty you walk away with, you’ll learn of your success June 13th before or at 5pm. To put that into perspective, and to signal how long is left on this challenge, the Clash of the Tables ends on May 12th at midnight.